Construfence is one of the main brands of Grupo Industrial Tauro S.A. de C.V. wich is one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of fence systems in México and abroad. Our complete line of products includes permanent and temporary fence for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We will be pleased to form part of your projects. Please consider us as your main fence architect for safety and security applications. Try us and prove yourself that we offer the highest quality systems at the best price in the market.

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In construfence we manufacture high quality temporary fence panels, ideal for construction sites and events. Our panels are wire laced in every diamond allowing the mesh to absorb the impact and have a longer utility life. We have several heights and lenghts available. Our panels can be made out of different gauges, pipes, mesh openings and vertical or vertical and horizontal bar on the center.

Our eco panel is a very esthetic lightweight electro-welded wire panel, without loosing its ability to be used in hevy duty application. It is easy to handle and install.

Our products are mainly used for:

Permanent Fences, Temporary Barricades, Temporary Fences

Events Temporary Barricades

Our barricades are built out of heavy duty pipe frame in 16 gauge, ideal for Rent a Fence Companies, due to their long lasting utility life. We handle several models of crowd control barricades for all kind of events. Our electro-welded wire temporary panels also provide a very esthetic perimeter protection to your event.

Permanent Fences, Temporary Barricades, Temporary Fences

Traffic Temporary Barricades

Our traffic barricade is a safety solution for any job on the road. With it's hi visibility orange color and reflective tape it can prevent serious injuries. We manufacture customized chain link temporary panels for water plastic barriers. Please send your specifications and we weill be glad to assist you with your traffic barricades needs.

Permanent Fences, Temporary Barricades, Temporary Fences

Classic Chain Link & European Fences

With more than 38 years of experience in fence systems, our core business: permanent fences, from classic chain link to European electro-welded panels and ornamental steel fences. Our caps are cast aluminum and our fittings are heavy duty designed for each system. We powder coat all of our systems and provide high quality finishing.

Permanent Fences, Temporary Barricades, Temporary Fences

Custom Fence Panels and Barricades

As a metal-mechanic manufacturer, we can fabricate many steel related products. Please send us your CAD drawings or specifications so our Engineer Department can develop your products and we can quote your project accordingly. Minimum volume is a FTL (full truckload). We guarantee confidentiality on your designs.


Now you can get the "Flat Foot Stands" for your permanent fences and barricades, so you can build them as you like.

Permanent Fences, Temporary Barricades, Temporary Fences

Important projects where we have participated:

Super Bowl XLIX - Michigan International Speedway -  USA Pro Cycling Challenge -  Amgen Tour of California - Cypress Community Festival - The Houston Italian Festival - Denver Airport Maintenance - GFNY Cozumel

Countries where we have shipped our products:

100% ASTM compliant products



  • Ontario
  • Quebec


  • Home Depot +120 stores
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  • Wholesale nationwide
  • Retail & Instalation
  • Franchises
  • Custom Ornamental Iron Works


  • Texas
  • Colorado
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  • Washington
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  • Guatemala
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